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Royce Matcha Nama Chocolate Gift Box | Recipe + Template | Christmas Countdown

Edible gifts are the type of gifts everyone likes. Usually it is the normal chocolate truffles, homemade sauces and spice or maybe a basket full of fresh fruits and veggies. Those are all good but they are lacking a little Christmas vibe and uniqueness to it.

Today, we show you have to make this copycat recipe that is oh so delicious.

Royce is a famous chocolatier in Japan, they specialize in a type of soft chocolate called"Nama Chocolate" which is all the rage. They are so soft and rich, smooth and creamy, totally aromatic~

You will fall in love with it after the first bite.

With a handful of ingredients, you can make many to gift to friends and family. Some people describes them as "basically chocolate ganache", but I have to say, calling it ganache doesn't do it justice.

So after all the brainstorming and ideas, C has design a box for you guys to make it oh so christmassy!!

Everything you need is listed below~ No Bake, nothing fancy, quick to whip up but still so sophisticated.


Infographic will be updated soon~

Christmas Matcha Nama Chocolate
Yields 12 mini boxes

Things you will need
350g (12.3 oz) Couverture white chocolate
110g (1/2 cup minus 2 tsp) Heavy cream
20g (4 tsp) Unsalted butter
8g (5 1/4 tsp) Matcha powder
Extra Matcha powder, for dusting

Brown Cardstock, A4 size
Clear plastic
Double sided tape/ Glue stick
Parchment Paper
Digital Template [ Click Me for the Template :) ]

1. Combine chocolate and butter in a heat proof bowl
2. Heat cream but do not let it boil
3. Pour hot cream over the chocolate/butter mixture and let it sit for 1 min
4. Stir the mixture until lump-free
5. Sift in Matcha powder and stir until incorporate
6. Pour and spread mixture in a 17cm x 20 cm (7” x 8”) pan lined with parchment paper
7. Rap the pan a few times to remove any air bubbles
8. Refrigerate for 4-5 hours preferably overnight
9. Unmould the nama chocolate and cut them into 2cm x 2cm cubes with a heated sharp knife
10. Dust extra matcha powder on top of the chocolate
11. Make the box with the template provided and package the nama chocolate little gifts
12. Make tags and decorate the box as desired
13. Store the chocolate in the refrigerator until you are ready to gift

I. Serve cold, must be kept in refrigerator if not eaten
II. It can be stored in the refrigerator for 1 week but it is best eaten soon
III. Matcha tea is slightly bitter which goes really well with the sweet white chocolate
IV. You can make this all year round; we just chose to make it as a Christmas gift idea for you guys :)
V. Culinary grade Matcha powder is fine to use which is cheaper but this recipe basically gets it flavour from the Couverture white chocolate and Matcha Powder, so we recommend splurging on so Ceremonial Grade Matcha Powder

PS. Matcha has tons of health benefits, look it up and you won't feel so guilty indulging

Links to supplies :

Ceremonial Grade Matcha
300gsm Kraftpaper
Clear Acetate
Bone Folder
Taste the real deal!

Hope you guys enjoy this [ Recipe]

See you tomorrow for another episode of Christmas Countdown :)

xo D

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