Monday, December 5, 2016

Chic Peel Off Calendar Countdown | DIY Decoration | Christmas Countdown

Easiest craft ever, customize to your liking. Makes a great piece in your living room~
Peel off calendars are very efficient, every morning just peel one off to reveal the next day!

Infographic will be updated soon~

Christmas Countdown Plaque

1 Wooden plaque (We got it from the dollar store)
A6 Sticky note pad
Colour craft paper
Felt-tip pen
Double sided tape
Foam Tape
White Paint

Utility knife
Snowflake craft punch
Q-tips/Cotton buds

  1. Count the number of days you want on the sticky note and separate it from the pack
  2. Sketch a circle to the size you want of your supermoon and cut it out with a scissors
    1. Write on the days on to each sticky note
  3. Fold your green craft paper into rectangle halves and cut them into 2 pieces
  4. Fold the piece into half again long ways and sketch half a pine tree shape on it
  5. Cut the shape out to make 1 tree, make as many as you want to fill your plaque, we made it with different shades of green for a contrasting effect
  6. Adhere the moon and trees with double side tape,use foam tape on the 2nd and 3rd layers of trees for dimension
  7. Punch out snowflakes on white craft paper and attach to plaque
  8. Using a cotton bud, dot on white paint to mimic snow
I. Any size plaque is good, just adjust the other elements to size
II. If you do not have a snowflake punch you can fold the paper into eighths and cut unique snowflakes with a pair of scissors
III. Sticky notes are great to make "Peel Off" Calendars

Links to supplies :

Large Snowflake Punch
Small Snowflake Punch

A6 Sticky Note

Hope you guys enjoy this [ DIY ]

See you tomorrow for another episode of Christmas Countdown :)

xo C

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