Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Rainbow Dalgona "Coffee" 6 Ways - No Egg, No Cream, Caffeine-free!

We are back!!! During our absence, we both have opened our own businesses which took a way a lot of time from producing videos. The pandemic out there is setting back in both our business so we decided to come back to our "safe space" together to do what we love again. We hope we didn't disappoint too much for being away that long.

Let's get on with today's recipe~

Dalgona Coffee - it all began in the beginning of 2020, we might be a little late on the trend but we have this great idea for people who don't like coffee.

We put "coffee" in quotes in the title because it is not coffee at all.

It is a whipped water ganache mimicking the coffee foam placed above milk. The resulting drink is a luscious milkshake-like beverage and it can be flavoured how ever you like. We did 6 flavours in all different colours, almost like a rainbow.

This recipe is inspired by the "father of gastronomy" - Mr Hervé This. The simple process of whipping water into an oil base item, here it is chocolate, that suspenses tiny water droplets in the oil matrix that results in a fluffy smooth and luscious cream-like texture. Although simple, it might take quite some time to whip it up the Mr This way so we have researched high and low and came across Ms Ann Reardon's , from How to cook that, technique on whipping up chocolate and water which works way faster with more stability.

The whipped "cream" base is a 2-ingredient recipe, simple and easy!
There are no eggs, raw or otherwise, in this recipe and there is no whipped cream involved.

You can turn it vegan by using some vegan alternative milk options with vegan chocolate.

We would call this a caffeine-free drink but I am sure Matcha has caffeine in it, so all in all 5/6 caffeine-free.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

NEW 1 Batter 6 Flavours Mini Cupcakes - Brown Sugar Version!

This cupcake recipe is a brown sugar variation of our perfectly moist and light cupcakes.

If you have not check out our original 6 cupcake flavours from 1 batter, CHECK IT OUT HERE!

Brown sugar has a distinct flavour profile that works better with other flavour combinations, like carrot cake, chocolate chip cookie, graham cake etc

We used the same frosting base so now you get 11 swiss meringue buttercream (SMBC) flavours out of 1 base recipe.

There will be more flavour variation of the original ones coming soon if you guys enjoy them!

You can bake them as regular sized cupcakes which will yield 1 cupcake of each flavour, we do minis for "crowd-feeding" purposes!

Infographic Recipe will be updated soon

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Fluffiest Pancakes You Will Ever Eat!! - Soufflé Pancake Recipe

These pancakes are soooo fluffy, they jiggly, dance and melts in your mouth.  

I have tested this recipe multiple times before writing this recipe for you all.  It is hard labour for my stomach just so you can have the best recipe for these Japanese style thick fluffy "happy" pancakes.

They are cooked low and slow to perfection. Airy, moist but still have some give. Some would describe it as pillow-y, some would say it is a cheat soufflé that doesn't need an oven. You just need to try it yourself to experience the "happiness" it should provide.

These pancake are usually eaten as a dessert rather than a breakfast and make a great afternoon tea to share with some friends over coffee and milkshakes

Gluten Free New York Style Cheesecake

We have "extra" cream cheese laying around so it'd be perfect for a cheesecake obviously! ~duh~

Cheesecakes are one of the easiest thing to leave out gluten products so we've made these gluten free too. And because it is a leftover recipe, it consist of very little ingredients. We didn't have to go out to get anything, everything we got from our pantry and fridge.

The key to this cheesecake is to whip it well. And the sour cream topping is the perfect way to cut the richness of a New York style cheesecake so you can eat more!!! This does not need a water bath and all the cracks adds a rustic look even so the topping will mostly cover all the cracks to give you a perfect homey cake. Try it and let us know what you think~