Wednesday, December 7, 2016

DIY Winter Scenic Ornament [w/ Template] | DIY Gifts | Christmas Countdown

Isnt this cute? All inspired by a youtube channel named PapertreyInk.

They used a set of die-cuts with a big shot machine to achieve those cute little ornaments, great as gifts.

We made a template for 2 different designs and you can totally add your personal touch to it.
Writing a private message, colouring on custom colour designs etc...

Not everyone has a die-cut machine but these ornaments can be hanged anywhere... Literally anywhere... From book bags, as a key chain, to curtains , as a holdback... and of course the most obvious one is on a Tree.

These are cute tiny scenes trapped in a snowglobe like ornament. Go wild and add some glitter or confetti to "make it snow".

Scroll down to get template :)

Infographic will be updated soon~

Pop-up Scenic Winter Ornament

2 sheets of White card stock, A4 size
1 Plastic ornament, that opens into halves
Black and green coloured craft paper
Super Glue
Foam adhesive
Glue stick

Felt-tip Pen
Water colour pencils
Small paint brush
X-acto knife
Cutting mat

  1. Download template and print it on the white card stock
  2. Cut out all the templates
  3. Use 1 half of the ornament to sketch on the scrap cardstock and coloured craft paper and cut it out
  4. Adhere the coloured craft paper onto the circle cardstock with glue stick to make a background
  5. Colour the cut templates with water colour pencils to your liking and brush it with some water to make the colours blend nicely.
  6. Use a felt-tip pen to write the message on the banner
  7. Assemble the layers according to the preview and stack it with foam tape
  8. Sketch around the outer circle to make a nice border
  9. Cut along to make scallop edges
  10. Using super glue, adhere the 1 half of the plastic ornament to theover the design and let it dry
  11. Tie on a ribbon and is ready to gift
I. You can definitely use a silhouette die cut machine if you have one :)
II. You can resize the template to fit your ornament size, the one we are using is 8cm in diameter
III. Water colour pencils are easy but if you can do real water colours , it would look even more artistic
IV. Write any message on the banner to personalize each one of the ornament
V. It even makes a good heirloom/ family tradition to make one every Christmas :)

Links to supplies :

Silhouette Cutting Tool
Foam Tape
Water Colour Pencils
80mm Plastic Ornament

Inspired by PapertreyInk@YT

Hope you guys enjoy this [ DIY ]

See you tomorrow for another episode of Christmas Countdown :)

xo C

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