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Fit for a Zombie: Red Velvet Cheesecake Bites

We promised more Halloween recipes and this one is next~
Fully fit for a zombie party there edible bite size brains are realistic and yummy!

You might not be a Walking Dead but you sure can enjoy these delicious red velvet cheesecake bites.

Fruity, creamy and the fine crumbs is just heavenly...

You can make them cupcake sized or a large dome mould. You can eve use this recipe to make a life size human brain and share it among few zombie fellows, dig in with your hands. 

Added strawberry compote for more gore effect!

Skip all the fondant, what is a better combination then red velvet and cream cheese?!

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Infographic Recipe will be updated soon!

Red Velvet Brains Bites
Yields 6 cupcakes / 56 bite-sized

Red Velvet Cake:
70g (3/4 cup plus 1 tsp) Cake flour
50g (1/4 cup) Sugar
7g (1 tbsp) Cocoa powder
3g (3/4 tsp) Baking powder
2g (1/4 heap tsp) Gelatin powder
Pinch of salt
2 Eggs, separated
25g (2 tbsp) Vegetable oil
60g (1/4 cup) Concentrated morello cherry juice
7g (1 1/2 tsp) Liquid red food colour
2g (1/2 tsp) Lemon Juice

“Cheesecake” Frosting:
65g (1/2 cup) Confectioner’s sugar
170g(6 oz) Cream cheese, soften
55g (2 oz) Mascarpone Cheese
30ml (1/8 cup) Strawberry compote, strained (Get Recipe HERE!)

Extra strawberry compote

1. Preheat oven to 170°C (340°F)
2. Combine flour, sugar, cocoa powder, gelatin, baking powder and salt and stir it with a whisk
3. Make a well in the dry mixture and pour in the oil, egg yolks, cherry juice and food colouring, do not whisk and set it a side
4. Beat egg whites and lemon juice until firm but soft peaks form
5. Beat the flour mixture until just combine
6. Gently fold in 1/3 of the egg whites to lighten the batter
7. Fold in the remaining egg whites gently until just combine
8. Scoop the batter into the mold around 3/4 full
9. Bake for 10 to 15 minutes, or until springy to touch
10. Let them cool completely before frosting

“Cheesecake” Frosting
1. Whip together the powdered sugar, cream cheese and strawberry compote until just combined
2. Fold in mascarpone cheese and adjust colour to a flesh pink tone
3. Fill frosting into a pastry bag with round tip
4. Pipe on brain design with the frosting
5. Refrigerate for 10 minutes
6. Dilute extra compote with water until a nice consistency (You can add red food coloring to adjust the colour)
7. Brush the thin compote on the “brains” to glaze it

I. Boil down 1/2 a cup of cherry juice to get a concentrated 1/4 cup
II. You can use cherry compote if you don't like strawberry
III. Our “cheesecake” frosting is more like a no bake cheesecake rather than a frosting, that's why we name it “Cheesecake” frosting
IV. If you don’t have hemisphere molds, you can bake them in cupcake form
V. We use homemade compote, you can opt to use store-bought

Links to Supplies:

Hemisphere Mold
Cherry Juice Concentrate
Round Piping Tip

Red Velvet Cake Recipe Adapted from

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