Friday, October 21, 2016

No-Carving Jacks O'Lanterns | DIY Halloween Decor

Lights are beautiful, they make easy DIYs look more sophisticated.

Halloween is coming and carving a pumpkin is a heck lot more of work than making these cute adorable mini lanterns.

Jack Skellington will fit in just well, he practically belongs to Halloween.

You can customise the design to your own liking and use different colour combinations to make a full set of characters.

They make really easy and affordable Halloween decorations for your home or even your dorm room.

Happy crafting and happy Halloween!

Infographic will be updated soon~

Jacks O'lantern Nightlight

Coloured tissue paper
Masking tape
White glue
Permanent black marker
Battery-operated flameless tea light

Thick card stock
Black crepe paper
Double sided tape
Masking tape

2 round containers
Desire design reference

  1. Cut tissue paper into small squares
  2. Mix 1:1 water and white glue in one of the containers
  3. Inflate the balloon to desire size
  4. Papier mache with the tissue paper and glue mix on to the balloon
  5. Apply 2-3 layers and let it air-dry overnight
  6. Draw on desired design
  7. Loosen the sides by gently pushing in the balloon
  8. Cut the balloon anf slowly release the air to remove the balloon
  9. Turn on your tea light and place it inside the "lantern" for glow effect
  1. Roll thick cardstock into a cone and secure it with double sided tape
  2. Use the masking tape and reinforce the sides
  3. Trim the larger opening of the cone to make a flat surface
  4. Cut crepe paper into strips and adhere them with double sided tape on to the cone in a gathering motion to make ruffles
  5. Slowly work your way to the point of your cone
I. Different combinations of colours can make different characters you like
II. We used 2 colours for the pumpkin to make a more layered effect
III. The size of the balloons does not matter, but if it is too large it maybe too fragile
IV. Does not use normal tealight candles as it will be a fire hazard
V. You can use green crepe paper to make Christmas trees.
VI.If you leave the one white it will look like a "MOON"

Links to supplies :

Coloured Tissue Paper
Crepe Paper
Blue Flameless Tea Light
Yellow Flameless Tea Light

Hope you guys enjoy this weeks [ DIY ]

See you next week :)

xo C

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