Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Easy DIY Advent Calendar [w/ template] | DIY Gifts | Christmas Countdown

It is this time of the year again and we have this idea to countdown the days to Christmas with DIY videos...

We have been on this bloging/youtubing journey for 2 years now and it looks like it is not going anywhere. We love to do what we do here but it is not enough to live on it so we have "regular" jobs to make money which interfers a lot with our video scheduling. Without regular content, it is hard to built a larger audience which is a never-ending cycle.

We have planned a boost Christmas post as a final attempt to reach our target before 2016 ends which is reaching 10k subs on youtube. Please share our content if you like it... It will tell us that there are people out there watching what we produce and it is the greatest motivation for us to continue the journey.

Sorry for blabbering so much, Back to the Christmas Videos!

This Christmas' videos are separated into 5 catergories, DIY Gift, DIY Decor, Edible Gifts, Theme foods and last minute ideas so be sure to stick around and count down with us!

Advent Calendar is one of the best and easiest gift to give. You can fill them with custiomise goodies fit for the person you are giving.

For example a friend that is into makeup, you can fill them with makeup travel size/ samples for them to try etc.

Why is it the best?... It is obvious that everyone likes presents and when you get to open daily, everyday will be full of happiness.

We went with a Rustic Winter Forestland look to it as it will look so good as a home decor for the person you are gifting.

Lets get started >>>

Scroll down to get template :)

Infographic will be updated soon~

Rustic Winter Forest Advent Calendar

2 12-compartment cardboard box (You can find a similar one in IKEA called Tjena)
14 sheets of White card stock, A4 size
1 sheet of Kraftpaper
White acrylic paint
Double sided tape
Hot glue
*Small gifts to stuff the box

Bone folder
X-acto knife
Cutting mat
Paint brush
Hot glue gun

  1. Build your box according to manufacturers instructions, decide which way you want your calendar to stand
  2. Download template and print it on the white card stock
  3. Cut out the designs, you can mirror the design and print an extra set to make both sides have print
  4. Assemble the pieces together with the given slots
  5. Measure the kraftpaper to the size of 1 compartment
  6. Add 4cm (1.5inches) to the length of the measured compartment and cut 24 pieces
  7. Score each kraftpaper 2 cm below the top edge and 2 cm above the bottm edge
  8. Fold along the lines to the same side
  9. Use some paint to write on numbers from 1 - 24
  10. Add double sided tape to the bottom folded edge
  11. Cut 2 equal slits on the top edge and fold the tab backwards
  12. Using the double sided tape, attach it to the lower side of the compartment to make a door
  13. Tuck the top 2 tabs in the compartment leaving the middle tab as a handle
  14. Attach all the doors randomly or sequentially to your preference
  15. Paint the top part of the box with white acrylic paint to decorate it to look like fallen snow
  16. Assemble the trees and animals to see what look you would like to acheive
  17. When your are satisfied with how they look, hot glue them in place
  18. Fill each compartment with small gifts or messages 
I. You can definitely use a silhouette die cut machine if you have one :)
II. If you cannot find premade boxs with compartments, you can make one out of cardboard
III. We glue 2 pattern pieces together to make a finer looking craft
IV. You can enlarge the template to accommodate different box sizes
V. The doors made in this way makes it able to be reused
VI. After the holidays, you can even use this box to store christmas ornaments

Links to supplies :

Mini Baubles
300gsm Kraftpaper
White Acrylic Paint
Silhouette Machine

deer and husky 
the moose

Hope you guys enjoy this [ DIY ]

See you tomorrow for another episode of Christmas Countdown :)

xo C

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