Tuesday, July 26, 2016

BB 8 Garlic Cheese Toasties

Back to Star Wars again.... We have filmed a few Stars wars themed things and the feedback was lukewarm, so we are trying to space them out so people who like it still get to see it and people who don't, don't have to wait too long.

BB-8 Cream Cheese Garlic Toasties

Cute little BB8 that took over the world when it debut. We turn it into an easy and quick snack great for a party. With carbs and fat that will fill you up :) It even makes a good bento lunch for your kids!!

Infographic Recipe will be updated soon!

BB8 Garlic and Cream Cheese Toast 

White sandwich bread
Garlic spread
Soft cream cheese spread
Nori seaweed
Orange food colouring
Black food colouring
Silver luster dust (optional)

1.Cut bread with a BB8 shaped cutter
2.Spread on a layer of garlic spread and bake it until bread is golden on theoutside
3.When the toast is golden and cooled down, spread a layer of whipped cream cheese and smooth it out with a palette knife making a white canvas
4.Divide the remaining whipped cream cheese into 2 bowls and tint 1 with orange dye and the other grey with a little black dye
5.Fill both coloured cream cheese into a piping bag fitted with small sized tips
6.Pipe on all the details according to the design
7.Cut out nori seaweed into the lens and sensor and attach them on the toast
8.Make as many as you want

I.Left over bread scraps can be made into a delicious bread pudding
II.We 3D printed our BB8 cutter, but you can use a snowman cutter and trim it with a scissor to define the shape
III.You can make your own garlic spread and cream cheese spread, we use store bought to save time

Links to Supplies:

Snowman Cutter

Pipping Bags

Hope you guys enjoy this weeks [How To's]

See you next week :)

xo D

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