Monday, September 14, 2015

D for Delicious: New Series "Street Food Adventures" Behind the Story~

Hey there!


"Street Food Adventures"  is a new food series where we explore different countries street food from our perspective. Creating recipes from what we have researched and tested on. It may not be the most authentic thing but it will be our take on the street food we have experienced.

We have been giving a lot of thought on what we should film for our videos and when the list starts to grow, there is one genre that pops out the most: Street Food.

There are lot's of different types of street food, from different countries to different meals. They are all one thing yet entirely different, from culture to evolution.

This fact intrigues us as we can explore the world through street food and built a community of people that enjoys sharing culture and making friends along the way.

A few remarks to keep in mind:
1. Embrace one another
2. Be kind to others not from your place
3. Share the good food from your culture

Explore the world together:
Leave any request in the youtube comments section/ or hashtag #SFABI on instagram, so we can learn more about your countries Street Food :)

Checklist around the world:
Ch.01- Imagawayaki (Japan)
Ch.02- Takoyaki(Japan)
Ch.03- Bubble Tea (Taiwan)

To be continued...

xo Ceci and Dionne

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