Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Oolong Milk tea Chiffon Cake

Tea, one of our basic staples for breakfast. Now, all fused into one bite within a moist and fluffy cake, making one of the most aromatic chiffon cakes.

It may take some experience to not deflate the egg whites, but once you have mastered it, it is all worth the while.

It is easy to change up the flavour to your favourite tea such as Earl grey,Chamomile, Mint, Ceylon etc...

Start trying and experiment away, you will find your love through the chiffon. 

Milk Tea Chiffon Cake
Yields 8-inch tube pan

60g (1/4 cup) Hot water
1 packet (19g) Milk tea powder
5 Large Egg yolks
10g (2 ½ tsp) Sugar
40g (3 Tbsp.) Vegetable oil
100g (1 cup + 2 Tbsp.) Cake flour
5 Large Egg whites
30g (7 ½ tsp) Sugar

1. Preheat oven to 170°C (340˚F)
2. Dissolve the milk tea powder in the hot water and set it aside to cool down
3. Combine sugar and egg yolks and beat until pale yellow
4. Add in oil and tea mixture from step one, whisk until combine
5. Sift in flour and mix until well incorporate, set a side
6. Combine sugar and egg whites and whip until stiff peaks form
7. Fold the whites into the batter in 3 additions
8. Pour batter into a tube pan and rap the pan hard once
9. Bake it for 35-45min
10. Remove the cake from the oven, invert the whole pan and cool on a rack before unmolding it

I. If you cannot find milk tea powder, you can substitute 80g of bottled milk tea or brew your favourite tea in 80g of warm milk for 10 min
II. If your cake starts to brown early and starts to crack (like us), cover the top with an aluminum foil, this occurs due to overheating
III. Do not butter your tube pan as this cake rises and needs to grab on to the pan sides to prevent collapsing

Link to Supplies

7 inch Tube Pan
make a mini one too
Instant Milk Tea Powder

Mini me
one delicious slice

Hope you guys enjoy this weeks [How To's]

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  1. Hello, may I know 1 large eggs equals to how many gm? Thanks.

    1. Sorry for the late reply, we didn't receive a notification on your comment, really sorry~ A Large egg is around 50g without the shell :)