Wednesday, March 4, 2015

LINE APP Stickers Cutie Pie

Here is the recipe for the cute Line App Character Mr Moon Brownie sandwiches, Great for themed parties or for someone who likes line a lot ;)

You can use the same technique to achieve all the characters from LINE, just experiment on it with different cutters, food dye and decorations.

Chocolate Flavour paired with marshmallows~ what could be better... the perfect combination!

Line Chocolate covered Brownie Sandwiches
Yields 4 sandwiches

1 Batch of Brownie Batter (Brownie Recipe Video tutorial)
32 Mini Marshmallows
2.5g (1/2 tsp) Vanilla extract
200g (7 oz.) White chocolate
15g (1 tbsp) Vegetable Shortening
Milk Chocolate, a handful 
Confectionery decorations [ Click Me for the Template :) ]

1. Make a batch of Brownie batter and bake it in a 13 cm by 18 cm pan and cooled
2. Cut the brownies into eight 5cm circles
3. Melt the milk chocolate and adhere the marshmallows to the bottom piece of the brownies
4. Toast the tops of the brownies until melted and push the top piece on the brownie to form a sandwich
5. Transfer brownie sandwiches on to a rack 
6. Melt white chocolate and shortening in a bain-marie
7. Pour the melted mixture above the brownie sandwich, covering the whole thing
8. Let the coating set and decorate it with Confectionary deco’s

I. You can make the brownie ahead of time if your are planning on a party
II. Served with milk would make a good tea snack
III. Do not over baked the brownies, it would cause cracks and your coating wont be smooth
IV. If 1 coating is not opaque enough , do a 2nd light coating 

Hope you guys enjoy this weeks [How To's]

See  you next week :)


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