Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Build a Paper Stag Light [w/ Template] | DIY Decoration | Christmas Countdown

Scroll down to get template :)

Infographic will be updated soon~

Wandering Reindeer Nightlight aka Stag Patronus Charm

2 sheets of White card stock, A4 size
1 piece of Tracing paper
Double sided tape
Christmas lights of choice

X-acto knife
Cutting mat
Bone folder

  1. Download template and print it on the white card stock
  2. Cut out all the pieces according and score along the lines with folded edges
  3. Using some double sided tape to adhere a piece of tracing paper to the rectangle frame
  4. Trim off the excess to make it fit
  5. Cut a small hole on the back piece for the Christmas light cords to pass through
  6. Assemble accordingly and secure it with more double sided tape
  7. Stuff the lights into the innest compartment from the bottom opening
  8. Secure the bottom with more tape
  9. Turn on the light and enjoy
I. You can definitely use a silhouette die cut machine if you have one :)
II. If you don't like the look of light leaking through the edges, you can use hot glue to glue down the sides and add extra layers of card stock to block the lights
III. Depending on what type of cardstock you use, you can colour the template in water colour to make a different mood light to your liking
IV. You can enlarge the template to make a different size light or change the design to you own patronus
V. Using Blue and white lights make them look more like a patronus, we used orange to match the warmth tone of our living room

Links to supplies :

Silhouette Cutting Tool
Blue Lights
White Lights

Inspired by Laura Ashley - Lampshades 

Hope you guys enjoy this [ DIY ]

See you tomorrow for another episode of Christmas Countdown :)

xo C