Monday, June 20, 2016

Baking HACK: Stove top Matcha Green Tea Cheesecake

Come on it's week 3 already... where is the MATCHA!!! I am sure it is someone's inner thoughts

If you have not check out the original recipe [Click Here] It is the holy grail for cheesecake lovers :)
Super easy and totally oven-free with the privilege of a baked cheesecake: no one should miss out~

We develop these flavours with 4 different crust combinations so you could mix and match which ever crust and filling to your preference.

So this weeks recipe is Matcha green tea! I am sure tons of people are waiting for this as seen that our most watched video is the Matcha Green Tea Cheesecake on our channel.

This time we put in heaps of matcha powder to make it super rich of green tea-ness. If you enjoy a milder, more subtle tea flavour, please add less, eg. 1 tbsp to achieve something like our baked cheesecake.

For those who love the grassy-ness, the slightly bitter and super aromatic Matcha flavour, this is definitely for you.

Infographic Recipe will be updated soon!
No oven Baked Matcha Cheesecake
Yields 7 inch cake

50g (1/2 cup) Flour
50g (1/2 cup) Almond flour
20g (5 tsp.) Granulated sugar
60g (4 tbsp.) Butter, soften
1 Egg yolk

100g (3.5oz) Cream cheese, soften
100g (3.5oz) Heavy cream
1 Egg
1 Egg white
20g (3 tbsp.) Matcha green tea powder, sifted
15g (2½ tbsp.) Flour
30g (2½ tbsp.) Granulated sugar
15ml (1 tbsp.) Lemon Juice
2.5ml (1/2 tsp) Vanilla extract

Extra Icing sugar

1. Work all the crust ingredients and squeeze it together to form a dough
2. Press the dough into the Teflon coated frying pan of your choice and mold it into a tart like shape, with a flat bottom with high sides
3. Dock the pastry to let steam escape while cooking
4. Refrigerate the pastry until the filling is ready
5. Beat cream cheese, Matcha powder, flour and sugar together until no loose powder is visible
6. Add heavy cream and beat it until all incorporate
7. Add in lemon juice and egg white and whisk until smooth
8. Crack in one more egg and mix until well incorporate
9. Pour the filling into the crust and rap the pan to burst big air bubbles
10. On the lowest setting of your stove, cover the frying pan with a lid and cook for 30 – 45 minutes (Time may vary as each stove and frying pan is not built equally)
11. Once the filling is set on the sides and have a slight wiggle in the middle, the cheesecake is done
12. Remove from the heat, uncover and let the cheesecake cool completely before refrigerating it for at least 3 hours before serving
13. Sieve on some icing sugar to decorate the cake

I. Teflon coated pans are recommended as they have a non-stick surface for a good release of your cake
II. Do not use pans/ pots that are too thin as the heat will conduct too quickly and result a burnt bottom and an uncooked filling
III. In the video demonstration, we used a 17cm (7 inches) pan, but you could use anything you have handy at home 26cm (10 inches) will be the limit as the filling will get too thin and not result in a beautiful cheesecake
VI. You can try 3 other different crust (Choco-Hazelnut Crust, Graham Cracker Crust,1 more Coming soon)

Links to Supplies:
Nonstick Pan

more flavours coming soon!

Hope you guys enjoy this weeks [How To's]

See  you next week :)



  1. hello, may I know how to take the cheesecake out from pan?

    1. We put a small plate into the pan, lightly hold the cake in place and flip the whole thing over to remove the pan, as it is a Teflon pan it will not stick and release very easily. After that we flip it back on the serving platter :)