Monday, February 1, 2016

Wasabi White Chocolate Heart Truffles

When holidays are here... we always like to prepare some sort of themed food so everyone can be in the holiday spirit.  Valentines day is coming in 2 weeks and we have prepare 2 V-day theme recipes this year.

This week's recipe is both inspired by the quote "You spice up my life" and the japanese confection Kitkat which comes in Wasabi white chocolate flavour.

The sweet white chocolate ganache with a subtle hint of Wasabi and to up the spice game, we added pop rocks aka popping candy in the truffle to give it the tingling sensation you'd expect with the punch.

Encase in a gourmet white chocolate shell, these gold and silver babies will make a great gift for anyone :)

Wasabi White Chocolate Truffles 
Yields 8 truffles 

50g (1.8 oz) White chocolate
15g (1 tbsp) Heavy cream
1/4 tsp Wasabi paste
Chocolate covered popping candy

White Chocolate, tempered
Silver luster dust
Gold luster dust

1. Gently melt white chocolate and temper it
2. Fill the moulds with it and wait for 30 seconds
3. Tip the excess chocolate out and clean the edges
4. Let the shell set 
5. Meanwhile, dissolve the wasabi paste in the heavy cream
6. Combine wasabi cream and white chocolate, heat it in the microwave or on a bain-marie until smooth
7. Let it cool at room temperature until thicken
8. Fill the shells with the cooled ganache ½ way full
9. Tap the mould on the counter to smoothen the filling
10. Push in as many chocolate covered popping candy to your preference
11. Fill more ganache to cover the gaps until it reaches ¾ way full
12. Add more white chocolate to seal the moulds up
13. Let it set and harden before popping them out of the mould
14. Dust the surface with luster dust to decorate

I. White chocolate needs to be tempered to set crisp, if you are new to working with chocolate, you can use white candy melts which does not require tempering
II. Wasabi truffles need to be kept in the refrigerator, if you want it to be store at room temperature, you can use wasabi powder
III. You can still make great truffles without the mould, the heart shaped moulds we used are from the dollar store
IV. Wasabi is a horseradish that originates from Japan, it resembles to mustard in taste but more pungent and has a ton of health benefits to it. 

Links to Supplies:
Heart-shaped Molds
Wasabi brand we use
Gold Luster Dust
Silver Luster Dust

Truffle Liners

Hope you guys enjoy this weeks [How To's]

See you next week :)

xo D

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