Saturday, December 19, 2015

DIY Little Prince Nightlight [w/ Template]

Christmas is a holiday for gift-giving and although a bought present is superb making one with your own hands make them extra special, especially when you are on a budget.

This nightlight is great for a child's bedroom or just a cute home decor near the bathroom to light up your way :)

You can modify into an AC lamp to make it last longer, and you could even use a silhouette machine to do the die cutting for you. We went with the easy battery lights and carving with our hands to lower the budget to a minimal so everyone could do it.

This gift is so easy to alter that you can customise it to make it more personal.

This nightlight box is inspired by "The Little Prince" aka "Le Petit Prince" The movie came out recently and want to pay respect to Mr. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry ~

Scroll down to get template :)


Infographic will be updated soon~

Little Prince Christmas Night Light

3 sheets of White card stock, A4 size
A cardboard box, larger than 10.5cm (W) x 15.5cm (L) (4 1/4" x 6")
1 sheet of Clear craft plastic
1 small Night light, fits inside prepared box
Foam adhesive
Double sided tape

Box cutter
X-acto knife
Cutting mat

  1. Download template and print it on the white card stock
  2. Choose a face on the cardboard box, cover preferably opens sideways
  3. Measure 8.5cm x 12.5 cm and joint the lines and make a rectangle
  4. Cut it out with a box cutter, set it a side
  5. Trim the sides of the paper with the template
  6. Follow the template lines and carve out necessary details
  7. Add foam adhesive to four side of the paper cutouts, on the sides with the template printed on it
  8. Cut clear craft plastic to the size of the box window
  9. Use double-sided tape and adhere it down inside the window
  10. Remove foam adhesive backing and stack the layers according to the order
  11. Use foam tape to adhere the stack to the clear plastic
  12. Use blu-tack to secure the night light to the inner-back of the box
  13. Turn on the light and close the box
I. You can definitely use a silhouette die cut machine if you have one :)
II. Size of the box does not matter, but if it is near the dimensions we provide the final outcome will look neater
III. For a neater finish, you can choose to use foam core to stack the layers. It will be sturdier and look prettier
IV. You can enlarge the template to make a different size light or change the design totally
V. Decorate the outer box for a more festive look, we left it white for video purposes
VI. You can recycle some clear hard plastic packaging for the window

Links to supplies :

Silhouette Cutting Tool
Simple Tap Push Light
Foam tape

Inspired by fairycherry@etsy 

Hope you guys enjoy this weeks [ DIY ]

See you next week :)

xo C

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