Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Gooey Molten Lava Baked Cheese Tart [w/ Video Tutorial]

These baked cheese tart originates from japan, their original recipe contains 3 different types of cream cheese. 
This inspired us to create a recipe of our own to perfect the cheese heaven

The crispy tartlets oozing with sweet cheese filling.
When eaten warm, you get molten lava cheese
When eaten cold, you can the most velvety custard texture of cheese filling

These tarts are the best of both worlds, single portions for you to indulge in :) Yum!!

Baked Lava Cheese Tart 
Yields 13 tarts

Cheese filling:
225g (1 box/ 1 cup) Cream cheese
125g (4.4 oz) Mascarpone cheese
100g (3.5 oz)Heavy cream
70g (1/3 cup)Castor Sugar
1 Egg yolk
5ml (1tsp) Lemon juice
5ml (1 tsp)Vanilla extract

220g (2.5 cups) Cake flour
1 Egg
100g (7 Tbsp)Butter
60g (1/2 cup) Confectioner’s sugar 

Extra butter
Egg white

1. Cream soften butter and sifted confectioner’s sugar together until light and fluffy
2. Add egg and whisk until well combined
3. Fold in half of flour to form crumbs
4. Add in the rest of the flour forming dough
5. Wrap the dough in plastic wrap and refrigerate for 30 minutes
6. Portion 30g (1.05oz) of dough for each tart 
7. Press dough into a tart mold to form crust
8. Refrigerate molds for 30 min to prevent the dough from shrinking 
9. Preheat oven to 180°C (375°F)
10. Dock the bottom of the crust with a fork
11. Scrunch pieces of parchment paper and line above the dough
12. Put baking weighs to weigh down the parchment
13. Blind bake the tart shells for 8 minutes
14. Cream together cream cheese and mascarpone cheese
15. Add heavy cream and beat it until all incorporate
16. Add sugar and mix until no sugar crystals are visible
17. Add in lemon juice, egg yolk and vanilla extract, whisk until smooth
18. Refrigerate filling until use
19. Remove weights from tart shells and coat a thin layer of egg white on the shells
20. Return shells to oven and bake for 5 minutes
21. Put the filling in a piping bag for easy control
22. Pipe generous amount of cheese filling into the tart shells
23. Bake whole tart for 10 minutes
24. Served hot for lava effect

I. If you want a golden brown top, add egg wash above cheese filling
II. You can add 1 tbsp of finely grated Parmigiano-Reggiano for a more complex cheese flavour
III. It must be kept in the refrigerate if not eaten straight away
IV. If you do not have baking weights, you can use baked beans, uncooked rice  or even pennies to weigh them down

Links to supplies
Pie weights
Smooth Tart molds
Pizza Peel

Hope you guys enjoy this weeks [How To's]

See you next week :)

 xo D


  1. Thanks you so much for your recipe. I've never tried this cheese tart, but Your video is so impressive. I will try to make it someday.

    1. :) Thank you for enjoying the video! If you are as big of a cheese person as we are, i promise you will love this tart ~ Give us your thoughts on it when you make it, would love to hear them , Cheers~

  2. Hi Thanks for the recipe...if i want the golden brown top, you suggested to add egg wash above cheese filling? Is this done after piping the cheese filling or after bake the tart?

    1. Add them after piping the cheese filling, lightly brush it on so it would not pick up the filling , bake it until golden brown :)

    2. Perfect....Thanks Cammy @ Dani. Btw, may i know is this the original recipe from Japan? You mentions that original recipe contains 3 different types of cream cheese, Cream cheese, Mascarpone cheese and ??

    3. The original recipe contains cream cheese, mascarpone and camembert. It has a more smokey palate regarding to the taste. It taste delicious if you like a sweet and salty vibe, be once it gone cold it will not be as good as our sweet cheese version which is pure custard heaven.

  3. Hi, is it okay to not using the baking weight because I actually don't have them :(

    1. You have to weigh it down, you can use baked beans , uncooked rice or even small coins :)

  4. How to make 3 types of cream cheese?

    1. It is not possible if you don't have excess to different milks and creams from different origins, you should just buy them :)

  5. Thanks a lot for the recipe and the video, all of you are awesome! I want too ask for some ingredients, is it possible to change the mascarpone cheese? Thank you!

    1. Mascarpone is a unique cheese, if you couldn't find it , you can make your own with heavy cream and lemon juice :)

  6. Hi!
    Can it be kept frozen and served the next day by reheating in oven?

    1. Do not freeze it, if you are only serving the next day, refrigerate it and reheat it gently the next day before serving :)

  7. Are there any taste in the tart? Like sweet taste?

  8. Hi thanks for your yummy recipe.. but do you know how to make the chocolate flavour? Thanx

    1. Yes, we do... Stick around we already have plans for this one *wink*

  9. Hi, I want to ask about confectioner's sugar. What is it? And how many extra butter & egg white in the recipe? Are those used in the tart or in the filling? Thankyou.

    1. Confectioner's sugar is Icing sugar or Powdered sugar. The extra egg white is leftover from the cheese batter after you separate the eggs. The extra butter is to grease the tart moulds, there is no specific amount. Good Lcuk!

  10. Can i microwave instead of reheat in oven the next day?