Sunday, December 24, 2017

Snowman London Fog Mild Cheesecake

Happy Christmas!! Earl Grey Tea is one of the flavourful teas that can be made into a dessert.

So to make it into a snowman, we chose a mild mousse cheesecake to keep the colour "light-ish" colour. Aren't they cute? They are soft and fluffy and smells soooo good.

A pro-tip! You can make a top hat out of mini Oreos and regular Oreos if you can't find a Santa hat mould. We came a cross this mould in a local bake shop and we have not found a link to it, so I am not sure how easy it would be to get what we have. 

Just stack 2 mini Oreos on top of a regular Oreo and fill and stick them together with your black candy coating! 

Enjoy your awesome Holiday and we will see you a new Next Year!!! See you on the other side~ Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 18, 2017

Baileys Irish Cream & Chocolate Mousse Reindeer Cake for Christmas!

Everyone needs a christmas pudding for dessert after dinner with family and friends, why not make it cute and a center piece of your dinner party! This cute reindeer cake will surely satisfy all your party needs. 

Showpiece? Check! Dessert/cake? Check! Chocolate? Check! Booze? Double Check!

This cake is made with layers of chocolate stout cake, Bailey Irish cream mousse and chocolate mousse. The chocolate mousse is rich and decadent, the soft and spongy chocolate stout cake and the boozy light and fluffy baileys mousse. 

If I were to make this recipe again, I would build the cake a little differently. I would cut the stout cake into thinner layers and layer mousse in between those thin layers to make it a 6 layer cake. This will make eating the cake much easier. Just an afterthought, you can try it this way too.

Part of this recipe uses box cake mix, you can totally make your own chocolate stout cake from scratch, but to save some time during a busy christmas dinner, we opt for a box cake!

In bizarre island, we are not fans of fondant/sugar paste/gum paste/all the varieties of dough like confection. We avoid using them when we can, sometimes it maybe unavoidable, but we try to come up with other ingredients to "substitute" it. 

We don't like using fondant for a couple of reasons:
1. It is "one-note" and does not add any flavour/texture that will enhance the dessert.
2. It does not taste good in large quantities
3. And because it does not taste good, people tend to discard it rather than eating it which leads to wastage.

There are some cases that we will use fondant but most of the time we will try other methods before resorting to it.

So after so much blabbering, I hope you like my take on an all edible, non-fondant Reindeer Cake! 

Monday, November 20, 2017

LeTAO Double Fromage Cheesecake Recipe [ORIGINAL]

Recently my mum went to Japan and got a "cheesecake" as a souvenir. It tasted so good that I immediately wanted to recreate it so I can literally have it whenever I want.

After doing a few researches, I found that LeTAO is very generous in sharing their original recipe on youtube.  From the video, I gathered the recipe and started to whip it up. I used my observational skills to deduce the steps, cause I can't speak Japanese to save my life, so the steps might be a little different to the original one. You can still watch the video and compare the differences.

The outcome? Not "perfect" but good enough. If I were to remake this again. I would use my own recipe for the sponge cake and maybe test out cream cheeses from different brands and origins. The mascarpone mousse layer is perfect, definitely a keeper. I am surely going to incorporate into other different recipes to make something new from it.

It takes quite some time to make it as it consist of 3 layers but it is totally worth it and if you start early in the morning, by nightfall you can surely fully assemble the cake. It doesn't take long, it just have long wait times in between.

Try it out, we "translated" the original recipe and did a video for the english-speaking community. Cause I believe everyone should be able to enjoy it so we made the effort to minimize the extra hoops you have to jump through.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Vegan Milk Tea Recipe 3 Delicious Ways

We did a recipe on boba tea and although it is absolutely delicious, it is really rich and not that healthy. We always aim to give people choices to what they can try and today we are here to bring you 3 naturally vibrant and VEGAN milk tea for you!

We did it with no tapioca pearls this time but you totally can check out this post to learn how to make pearls from scratch. They are already vegan from the normal recipe so no tuning needed.

Disclaimer: We, ourselves, are not vegans. We don't judge anyones dietary choices, we give people options so once in a while we make vegan stuff.

Maybe just try out the teas first, if you enjoy it, you might just which it over to this "healthier" option.
*Healthier is in quotes because if you go overboard with sugar and full fat milks, well the healthy factor gets thrown out the window* lulz

Recipe time!!

Monday, November 6, 2017

FOOD HACK: Quick and Easy Chewy Nougat

Nougats are delicious but usually you buy it from the store because it is too tedious to do it yourself at home with dangerous hot sugar and a thermometer. 

Here to the rescue!! This recipe is another game changer. One more hack for you to add it to your repertoire. With 1 secret ingredient... Marshmallows!

Nougats are basically hot sugar and egg whites, the marshmallow takes care both of those elements.

I would not say this is can replace a traditional torrone in any way but this is a quick fix if you are just craving for a little chewy candy or if you are trying to impress some family and friends when you make them as little handmade edible gifts. So lets get to the recipe....

Infographic Recipe will be updated soon!