Thursday, July 20, 2017

No Bake "Minion" Mango Tart

Bello! Minion movies are back and if you have not figure by now Ceci loves Minions, so we made again a simple treat. Great for a theme party~

Looks good, taste good and super simple and No Bake :)

I am saving our "pastry cream" recipe for another video focused on there so you might just have to use yours in the mean time. But the nice combination of vanilla pastry cream and mangos with the buttery golden Oreo crust is perfect for the summer!

Isn't it cute? It is a easy decorated fruit tart which still gives you a wow factor!

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Monday, July 3, 2017

HACK: No Bake Brownies 3 Ways

We try not to disappoint with our recipes and we are not gonna lie, this trio is one of the great ones here. 

After our amazing game changer, the no bake stove top cheesecake, we are back at it again with another easy-to-do, no oven needed brownies! This time we are not showing one but three ways to make a no bake brownie from scratch!

Now you can make brownies anywhere, from your tiny dorm room to your office pantry even by the camp fire!  These brownies are rich and decadent, perfect pair with a cup of hot coffee in the moring, during snack time or even dessert at night after dinner.

Both microwaves and stovetops are great heat sources for cooking so why not a brownie? And for the refrigeration method....

Disclaimer here... the refrigeration method does not really make a real "brownie", it is a chocolate fudge mixed with nut flour and cracker crumbs to emulate the taste and texture of a brownie just enough to curb your cravings when you don't have an oven...

Now we have that out of the way... down to this fabulous recipe!

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Monday, June 26, 2017

Street Food Adventures #03: Bubble Tea [ Taiwan ]

Street Food Adventures Chapter 03
Country : Taiwan
Type: Beverage
Name: Bubble Tea / Boba Tea

Bubble Tea aka Boba Tea is one of Taiwanese staples in street food technically it is a drink. It is so popular that it made its way to a bunch of other countries.  People who have never tried them are missing out on something really special.  The most common type of bubble tea is Milk tea with large tapioca pearls, but the more popular bubble tea gets, the more varieties of flavour combinations pops up. From fruit teas with pearls to slushies with puddin and jelly.

"Boba" is derived from the Chinese word "large breast" which the Taiwanese nicknamed their large size tapioca pearls after, so if you are ordering the tiny pearls, they are NOT boba. Bubble Tea's name on the other hand originates from the bubbles made when shaking the milk tea, so technically if your tea is not a milk tea and shaken to froth up, it is not a bubble tea.  Now you have this knowledge, don't go argue with people when someone calls it boba or bubble tea, it doesn't really matter, what matters is that the drink is oh-so-good. 

We've decided to make this recipe from scratch, just so people with no means of obtaining tapioca pearls can make them at home and give it a try but mostly because I think dry pearls cook really badly, it is easy to undercook or overcook the store-bought pearls which will result in an average beverage and leaving you wondering why your pearls is never as good as the ones your get at the bubble tea shop.  One more additional perk of making it from scratch is knowing what goes into your food :)

Below are a few links that helps us out along the way to explore more of the world and for you guys to have some easy access to recreate what we have tried here :) 

Stainless Steel Boba Straws
Taro Powder
Cocktail Shaker

Dough Scraper

Leave any request in the youtube comments section or hashtag #SFABI on instagram, so we can learn more about your countries Street Food and explore the world together :)

For more info on [Street Food Adventures] Click ME:) 

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Monday, June 12, 2017

1 Batter 6 Flavours Mini Cupcakes!

Isn't it cute?  Bite size baby cupcakes with 6 different flavours to choose from.

You know people usually make 1 flavour in 1 batch of cupcakes which is oh-so-boring. You get 1 classic cupcake serving with only 1 flavour and your calorie count is done for the day.

We are here to solve this problem! Miniature cupcakes and 6 flavours in a batch. We start with these 6 classic flavours, from the staple vanilla and chocolate to the fruity strawberry and lemon blueberry. Not excited enough? We throw in cookies 'n cream and red velvet!

These cupcakes are 4 times smaller so you can afford to eat more than 1 before you reach your calorie limit or feel guilty! Yeah!

If you like to see more flavour combinations from this one perfectly moist cupcake recipe, leave a comment here or on our youtube and give a thumbs up to let us know!

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Monday, May 15, 2017

Homemade Bamboo Charcoal "White" Sandwich Bread

Woah, We didn't know our bread recipe will be so popular when we filmed it but it sure is one of the top 3s recipes on our channel. Check that recipe here>>> Softest White Bread Ever!

So we are back with a "crazy" twist to it... Well, it maybe crazy to a lot of you but there are actually many countries that utilise this ingredient~ Bamboo Charcoal Powder!!

It definitely makes everything it touches black and it bares health benefits that you might want to incorporate into your diet "sneakily". 

This recipe is a quick mix recipe that requires less steps than our "famous" white bread recipe. It is not just the same recipe that throws in a little charcoal. This bread is slightly stiffer comparing to our amazing white bread but I can confidently say that you won't notice the difference if you have only eaten store-bought bread in you life.

This recipe is slightly faster to whip up as it requires no cooking on the stove of any sort and bakes at a higher temperature for shorter amounts of time.

You can easily replace your normal bread with this bread as it tastes practically the same but in a future recipe, we will show you how we dress it up!

Now to the recipe...

Ps: We used a pullman loaf pan, if you don't have one, just use your normal pan.

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